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The Highlands Company is the Publisher of the Highlands Ability Battery™, gold standard among ability assessment tests, and home to more than 200 Consultant-Affiliates trained and experienced in career assessment, career coaching, career counseling, career exploration, and career planning. The Affiliates interpret the test and help their clients to achieve a Personal Vision leading to success and contentment in career and life.

Your Personal Vision is the path you build for yourself by focusing on your options and picking the ones you will enjoy the most. To build the best personal path, you need to know your natural abilities and your personality, and you may need to complete a career interest assessment. These steps will help you in job assessment and job selection. It helps to stop along the path every now and then to ask whether you have reached a Turning Point in the road. Recognizing that you are at a Turning Point will help you in career planning and, perhaps, in choosing a new career.

Eight principal factors combine in a strong Personal Vision. These factors are reflected in the Highlands Career Wheel. They are: Abilities; Skills; Interests; Personal Style; Family Background; Values; Goals; and Career Development Stage.

Turning Points are stops along the road that may suggest or require a new look at your Personal Vision. High school students reach a Turning Point when they engage in college counseling, or in college selection, or in career planning. College students face a Turning Point when they pick a college major or a college curriculum, or when they engage in career planning or chose a career. Job seekers are at a Turning Point when they take a job aptitude test, or when they apply to potential employers and make a job change. A Turning Point may loom suddenly and unexpectedly - you are fired; your finances change; your health deteriorates; you face a family crisis.

The Highlands Program is designed to help you create a Personal Vision to deal effectively with the Turning Points in your life. The Program is built on four simple steps:

  • Complete the Highlands Ability Battery™, gold standard among personal abilities assessment tests - available online at or in CD-ROM

  • Receive a 33-page in-depth report on your natural talents and abilities and the power clusters formed by these abilities.

  • Experience a two-hour consultation, by phone or in person, with a Certified Highlands Affiliate trained in giving career advice, in career exploration and in career development.

  • The Affiliate will help you build your personal career vision and put your talents to work for you

To complete the Highlands Ability Battery™ call 800-373-0083 or click here

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